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Friday Fighter : Kylie Myers

Happy Friday, Friends!

Welcome to the inaugural Friday Fighter post of the Quilts for Cure blog! Each week, I'll introduce you to someone who is fighting against childhood cancer with everything he or she has-- whether a child who is fighting for his or her life, a parent fighting for their child, or folks like us who are liaisons and cheerleaders. Our common denominator? We all believe, as today's fighter did, that "cancer should die and not the kids."

Kylie Myers was a surprise to her family and a joy to all of us who were blessed to know her. I knew her as a first and second grader, with gaps in her smile where her baby teeth had fallen out. She was like walking sunshine.

Here is a little snippet of her story and impact in her Daddy's words:

"SmileyForKylie was named after 12 year-old Kylie Myers. She was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma on April 9th, 2014. After we cried and prayed together, she said, "God must have a great, big plan for me."

We wish God's plan included earthly healing, but sadly, it did not. Kylie beat cancer for good on Feb 13th, 2015. We will miss her every day. Before she passed, she gave her family a charge to kill childhood cancer so no other child would have to endure what she went through.

Kylie's radiance was easy to see all of her life. She showed it constantly with her warm and beautiful smile. She loved being on stage and had an enormous presence that belied her small frame. It is easy to see why she was always called 'Smiley Kylie.'"

Kylie loved all things creative. The stage was her happy place, but she also enjoyed knitting. When I first approached Mark (Kylie's daddy) about Quilts for Cure, he said that he was sure Kylie would have loved quilting. She didn't have the opportunity to quilt, but she was given a number of quilts while she was sick, and we donate our quilts in her honor to continue to share her joy with other Fighters.

You'll hear lots more about beautiful Kylie as we continue sharing her joy, but I hope you enjoyed this overview! Today, I have a couple of easy steps for you to join us:

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3) Revisit our Operation Smiley blog from Wednesday, and commit to making at least one heart block this weekend, even if you don't consider yourself a "quilter" or "crafty." 604 families will receive the devastating news of childhood cancer between February 1st and Valentine's Day (the 14th). Do you think we can make 12,080 heart blocks so that every one of those families can have a quilt? Because I think we can!

Spread joy today, HollyAnne

  1. PS This video is a precious part of Kylie's stories, too, told in her mama's words.